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The Independence Economic Development Council (Independence EDC) was created in 1983  as the Independence Council for Economic Development (ICED). It works with the Association for Industrial Development (AID), Independence Chamber of Commerce, Industrial Development Authority (IDA), Private Industry Council (PIC), and the City of Independence, to combine efforts for the encouragement and advancement of various types of economic development within the city limits of Independence. The Independence EDC created its own by-laws, under which two members are appointed to its Board of Directors by each of the supporting organizations.  The City's representatives are members of the City Council.

Membership Information

The Council is to appoint two Councilmembers to serve along with the two members from each of the four organizations on the Board of Directors and the length of term is now left up to the City. Three-year terms were established several years ago. Since 1987, there has been no limit on the number of terms a person may serve.

Current members:

  • Mayor Rory Rowland, term expires June 30, 2025, appointed by Council
  • Councilmember Dan Hobart, term expires June 30, 2024, appointed by Council