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Golden grass stalks in front of the red and grey Independence Utilities Center building.

The Missouri Court of Appeals has issued a decision in the 2018 class action lawsuit against the City of Independence and Independence Power & Light (IPL). The court found there was no evidence to suggest the City of Independence or IPL overcharged customers or violated the City Charter.

The class action lawsuit, filed by the Accurso Law Firm on behalf of customers, claimed the City of Independence and IPL did not bill customers correctly for electricity in 2018 after transitioning to a new payment software and therefore overcharged them. The suit also claimed that various city officials had not complied with the City Charter in their operation of IPL.

The Circuit Court of Jackson County ruled against all of the claims in August of 2022. The Plaintiffs appealed that decision. On December 26, the Missouri Court of Appeals, Western District, denied the Plaintiffs final appeal -- effectively ending the case.

“We are incredibly happy with the Court's decision. Our rate payers trust in us is essential to the strength of our City and we would never betray that,” City Manager Zach Walker said. “We are ready to put this case behind us and focus our energy on ways we can better improve the City.”

The City of Independence was represented throughout the matter by Stinson LLP.

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