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An overview of the Regulated Industries Division

The Regulated Industries Division of Community Development is responsible for managing the business license, liquor license, rental ready, and employee application and renewal process.  The division also ensures businesses remain in compliance with city code through field inspections and administrative hearings.  If you have questions please contact Regulated Industries: (816) 325-7079 or  

Any business operating or providing a service in Independence is required to have a Business License. This license is required before a business can begin to operate.  All business licenses are effective for 1 year from the month of issuance and renewed annually thereafter.  

Apply for a Business License

Renew a Business License

Pay Outstanding Balance

Any landlord, commercial and residential, providing rental property in Independence is required to have a Landlord License.  This license is requierd before a landlord can begin to operate.  All landlord licenses are effective for 1 year from the month of issuance and renewed annually thereafter.  For residential properties rental ready inspections are required initially and every two years in order for license to be issued. For more information please visit our Rental Ready Program page.

Apply for a Landlord License

Renew a Landlord License

Pay Outstanding Balance

Businesses wishing to sell liquor in Independence must obtain a liquor license from the City of Independence, Jackson County, and the State of Missouri, and have a valid City Business License before operating.

The Regulated Industries Division coordinates the application and review process for these Liquor Licenses.  Once a completed application is made, staff will add the application to the first available City Council Meeting for approval (if applicable).  Applications can be downloaded and returned to staff.  In addition to the liquor license for the business, employees who will serve or sell alcohol are also required to obtain an Employee Liquor Permit 

Liquor License Application.pdf



Renew a Liquor License

Pay Outstanding Balance

Certain types of employees are required to obtain an employee permit from the city in order to show they have completed a background check and/or meet other minimum requirements.  Employees who will sell or serve alcohol in Independence are required to obtain an employee liquor permit.  The approval and review process includes a criminal records check by the police department. 

Other types of required employee permits include: Peddler, Jitney Driver, Taxi Driver, Pawn Shop Manager, and Pawn Shop Owner.  For more information or to request a duplicate employee permit contact the Regulated Industries Division at (816) 325-7079 or

Apply for an Employee Permit

Frequently Asked Questions

Any individual or company operating in the City of Independence or providing a service in the City of Independence is required to have a City business license. A business license is taxation for the privilege of doing business in the City.

The initial business license fee is based on the amount of projected gross receipts for a full twelve-month period. Gross receipts are defined as twelve times the gross monthly average of receipts, revenues, business or fees earned by a business or person, consistent with the reporting and accounting basis adopted for Federal taxation purposes. 

If the projected gross receipts are $25,000 or less per year, the license fee is $75.00 (minimum license fee). If your projected gross receipts are more than $25,000, the fee is $75.00 plus $0.31 for each $1,000 (or part thereof more) than $25,000. Businesses based in Independence shall report on their total gross receipts, whether those receipts are generated inside or outside of Independence. Businesses without an office or location in Independence should project gross receipts in Independence only and pay the business license fee based on that amount.

There are some businesses whose fees are based on a different fee schedule. For instance, fees for private detective or private watchguard agencies are based on the number of employees. Business license fees for pawnshops are a flat fee of $500.00 plus an investigation fee of $500.00. Insurance companies have a limit as to the maximum fee they are required to pay, based on the type of insurance sold by the company. Insurance agents and real estate agents will pay fees based on the amount of their commissions only. (See application form for list of businesses that pay the flat license fee.) Residential builders shall pay fees based on the sale of the homes they build.

Gross receipts are defined as twelve times the gross monthly average of receipts, revenues, business or fees earned by a business or person, consistent with the reporting and accounting basis adopted for Federal taxation purposes.

If your business does not receive payment or compensation for services or products, you should report "0" gross receipts and pay the minimum fee of $75.00.

The normal length of time for processing a business license is approximately 2-3 weeks.  The application will go through a zoning review and other City departments/divisions review the license as well:  Fire, Water Pollution,  Code Enforcement, and Health (if applicable).

A business license is generally valid for 12 months from the date of application.  Business licenses must be renewed by the last date of the expiring month in order to avoid late penalties and fees.

Each business must have a business license. 

Applications must be submitted either online, via mail, or brought in person to City Hall at 111 E. Maple Ave.

Licenses are approved for a specific location.  If the business moves, notify this office in writing (City of Independence, Regulated Industries Division, P.O. Box 1019, Independence, MO, 64050).  The license will be re-approved for the new location.  The fee for this is $50.  

Business Licenses are not transferable.  If the business is sold or new ownership it is the owner's responsibility to notify our office so the license may be closed.  The new owner must apply for a new business license in his/her name.

Yes.  If business is conducted on part-time, limited, or hobby-related basis, a Business License is still required to be obtained. 

Yes.  Businesses operated from the home also require payment of a Business License tax.  The Zoning Ordinance regulated the type of business operations that maybe done in the home.  The types of businesses allowed in a residential area are restricted.  If you conduct more than office work in your home you must contact Zoning at (816) 325-7823.

Yes; however, it is your responsbility to renew the Business License whether a renewal notice is received or not.  Penalties are assessed for delinquent accounts.  If you should move from the current licensed address and business is located inside City of Independence you must change the address by doing an address transfer.  If business is located outside of the City of Independence the address needs to be updated; this also applies to any contact information or mailing address changes.

Check with that city or county's Business License or Regulated Industries Division.

The Business License Ordinance may grant an exemption to a business based on its type. An application for exemption statement must be filled annually with the Tax Collector. Depending on the type of exemption you are applying for you must submit with your statement a proof of exempt status such as State or Federal or medical certification or other documents if any. If you are mailing your application or stopping at our office, you must include a copy of your proof. Failure to submit proof may cause us to deny or delay processing of your application.