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City Initiatives on the August 6th Ballot

A large empty field filled with building supplies
A long outdoor market with red neon writing that read 'Indpendence Uptown Market'

The City of Independence is committed to developing and supporting vibrant neighborhoods and a high quality of life across Independence. 

A variety of initiatives designed with neighborhood sustainability and economic development in mind are currently underway and include everything from citizen engagement programs to sophisticated retail feasibility studies.

Economic development through the revitalization of historic neighborhood commercial centers is a community priority.  A renewed interest in sustaining the character and amenities offered by traditional neighborhood design has resulted in City support for the creation of multiple area redevelopment strategies, as well as, a corresponding infusion of public and private investment.  This community effort has resulted in the following:

  • Development of the Independence Square Revitalization Plan
  • Development of a $2 million streetscape plan for the Historic Independence Square
  • $30 million in private commercial redevelopment on the Historic Independence Square
  • $15 million in private residential redevelopment and $10 million in public investment within the Harry S. Truman National Historic Landmark District
  • City commitment of more than $1 million to the Commercial Façade Improvement Program for historic commercial districts
  • $25 million in infrastructure improvements
  • Development of the 24 Highway Corridor Redevelopment Strategy
  • $600,000 in streetscape enhancements within the Maywood Business District
  • $2 million dollar new City transit facility

The City’s redevelopment efforts are focused on five core areas: Noland Road, Historic Independence Square, Fairmount, Englewood and Maywood.

For more information on our Economic Development Policy, check out our full Economic Development Policy on the Incentives webpage.