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The Cities of Blue Springs and Independence received the court's decision regarding the petition for a writ of mandamus related to the biennial property assessments conducted by Jackson County in 2023. After a thorough review, we understand the court has denied the petition, suggesting the issues raised should be addressed through the state legislature and the State Tax Commission.


The court highlighted concerns with the conduct of Jackson County's assessment process under the leadership of Director Gail McCann Beatty, the County Legislature, and County Executive Frank White Jr., pointing out a disregard for the rights of Jackson County citizens and the budgeting process of taxing jurisdictions. While the court did not grant the writ of mandamus, it acknowledged the county's failure to process appeals timely and the severe impact of these actions on providing accurate financial information to taxing jurisdictions.


We respect the court's decision and are committed to working with the state legislature, the State Tax Commission, and all relevant parties to address the issues identified. The Cities remain dedicated to ensuring fair and accurate property assessments for our residents and will explore all options to support our communities' needs. 

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