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A reddish brown and white pit bull sits in the sun in the play yard of the Regional Animal Shelter in Independence.

The Independence City Council tonight repealed city code sections that prohibited residents from keeping pit bulls or dogs with similar physical characteristics to the pit bull within the City. Further, as outlined in the initiative petition the Council asked staff to review ordinances related to aggressive and dangerous dogs.

The repeal of the ban goes into effect on Aug. 4, 2023, which is 60 days from today, June 5. Council amended the ordinance to give staff time to review and provide recommendations to Council.  

On May 1, 2023, the City Clerk received 610 pages of signatures for the circulated petitions which proposed the repeal of Independence City Code of Ordinances Section 3.03.006 “Keeping of Pit Bulls Prohibited” and a review of Independence City Code of Ordinances Sections 3.03.007 “Aggressive Dogs,” 3.03.008 “Dangerous Dogs,” and 3.03.009 “Vicious Dogs,” to assure protections for the citizens from any dangerous animals.

The Jackson County Election Board later indicated that sufficient signatures on the initiative petitions, and the official notice was received by Council on May 15.

You can find the full agenda item voted on during tonight’s meeting here.

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