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Image of Harry and Bess meeting over a cake plate

Independence is your trail for love and romance this February! Yes, we're well known for our great-tasting water, President Harry Truman, and the Queen City of the Trails going West, but we are a destination for love too! 


Let's start with our most famous love story, Harry and Bess Truman. Harry Truman was visiting his Aunt Ella Noland in 1910. She requested Harry return a cake plate lent to her from Madge Wallace, Bess Wallace's mother. Eager to restore his acquaintance with Bess, Harry quickly agreed to return the cake plate. Bess answered the door and thus began their nine-year courtship. Their love would endure through Harry's leave during WWI, appointments as Judge and state Senator, and through his Presidency. Harry and Bess were happily married for over 50 years!   

Image of Harry and Bess Truman on their wedding day at the Truman Home
Image of Harry and Bess Truman on the front porch on Delaware Street.


Now it's your turn! Find love in Independence with romantic places to stay, restaurants, and things to do.


Places to Stay

  1. Albonee Country Inn and Vineyard
  2. Ophelia's Inn
  3. Silver Heart Inn & Cottage
  4. Woodstock Inn Bed and Breakfast
Image of Woodstock Inn at night with lights on

Places to Eat

  1. Vivilore
  2. Ophelia's Restaurant
  3. Cafe Verona
  4. Salvatore's Italian Restaurant
  5. V's Italian Ristorante
  6. Herford House 
V's Italian Ristorante

Things to Do

  1. Valentine's Spotlight Party: Englewood Arts | Saturday, February 10 | 5:30PM | $15 per ticket
  2. Cirque du Vin Tasting Series: Ophelia's Restaurant | Thursday, February 15 | 6 PM | $55 per person
  3. Cupid's Night Out: Cable Dahmer Arena | Friday, February 17 | 6-8 PM | $20 per ticket


There is more to find on our website! Visit to find more places to stay, places to eat, and things to do. Be sure to check out our events too. 


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