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Like the rules regarding many other types of business, the rules regarding the business of Short-Term Rentals (STR) can be complicated.  In addition to a basic understanding of fundamentals, it is essential for anyone engaged in the business of STR to keep their knowledge base up to date. 


The STR permitting process can involve all the various elements of property use including tax, licensing, and permit history, zoning restrictions, and code compliance.  This website is for informational use - the enabling Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) which regulates STR in the City is the ultimate authority.  STR permit holders and applicants are expected to know and understand the current rules and requirements of the business at the time they apply for an STR permit.  


Unified Development Ordinance

Note: the UDO can be found through the link above.  The online version of the City Code/UDO is not the official version. 

Ordinance 19412 was recently passed and has not yet been codified in the online version of the UDO.

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Application Process

If you want to start operating a STR in the City of Independence, you must first apply for a Short-Term Rental Permit, which is reviewed and approved by the Planning Commission.  To be considered, no Short-Term Rental can be within 500 feet of an existing Short-Term Rental.  Please call 816-325-7823 before applying, to confirm your address is not within 500 feet of an existing Short-Term Rental.  

To apply for an STR, you'll use our portal through the link below.  Please note, that you'll be required to upload your Evacuation Plan, Floor Plan, Parking Plan and pay the fee through Stripe before the application is submitted.    

Short term rental application (


Example Plans

Example Evacuation Plan

Example Floor Plan

Example Parking Plan


Certifications you attest to, when submitting your application:

Short-Term Rental Certifications


Document required to be posted in an approved Short-Term Rental:

Good Neighbor Guidelines

Please use this Complaint Form if you have a complaint about a Short-Term Rental.  Our Business License staff will follow up on these complaints.