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Many towns and cities have stories that have been passed down from generation to generation. The rare few have stories of such historic proportions that they become the stuff of legends. Rarer still are the cities whose “Once Upon a Time” is tied to the opening chapters of so many American lives. 

But, Independence, Missouri is a city unlike any other. It is where 400,000 fearless souls set off on a new venture that would alter the course of their lives and the trajectory of an entire country. It is a visionary, self-determined, and free-spirited city that became the jumping-off point to a whole new world. 

It’s not surprising then that 100 years later, the 33rd President of the United States should also find his roots and the jumping-off point in Independence. In his own pioneering way, Harry S. Truman helped write a big part of our country’s history. And as a great American himself, he helped shape its ideals and role in the world. 

From the strength and fortitude of its earliest trailblazers to the straight-talking, pragmatism of Harry S. Truman, Independence has provided the country with just what it needed at the time. And the city continues its role as a launching pad for brave new ideas and future growth. Nowhere is that more evident than in places like the Ennovation Center, an entrepreneurial incubator where a fiercely independent and creative work ethic is blazing new trails in industries from business technology and healthcare to food services and bringing a whole new generation of innovators to the area. 

The light radiates brightly today from the city that has shined the way for so many over the years. Current and future developments from the Cable Dahmer Arena and the Independence Farmer’s Market at our beautiful Independence Uptown Market to a vibrant retail scene and the new development along the Little Blue Parkway corridor stand as beacons for those aspiring to write their own next chapters. 

From our nation’s history to your own family history, there’s a great story waiting to unfold and be told in Independence. 


Image of a mural depicting pioneers heading west with oxen pulling a covered wagon on a dirt road and activity behind them.
Looking up at the statue of President Truman walking with his cane on the east side of the Historic Truman Courthouse in Independence, Mo.
An image of the north side of the Independence Uptown Market building during the daytime with a few parked vehicles and some green landscape.


Independence Stats:
  • Independence was founded in March 1827 but was not Chartered with the State of Missouri until March 1849. 
  • Independence is the 5th largest city in the state of Missouri. 
  • It is part of the Kansas City Metropolitan area which includes a population of 2.1 million people, and is just minutes from downtown Kansas City.
  • Independence covers approximately 78 square miles, transitioning from more urban areas on the west to more rural areas on the east. 
  • Independence has a population of approximately 123,000 people.