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What is the Rental Ready Program?

Rental Ready is a program with goals to protect the health, safety and welfare of residents, maintain attractive and desirable neighborhoods, and ensure minimum standards for the interior of residential buildings. In September of 2016, the Independence City Council adopted a new program called “Rental Ready” which would establish an interior residential rental dwelling unit inspection.The program began on June 1st, 2017, and applies to all residential rental units in the city and would require all properties to be licensed and pass a basic health and safety inspection every two years.

Rental Ready Ordinance


Landlord/Tenant Code

Requirements for landlords/tenants are available in the landlord tenant guide: 

Landlord Tenant Guide

To make a complaint, please fill out the landlord/tenant complaint form and submit the signed form to the Community Development Department along with a copy of the driver's license for all tenants and a copy of the lease:

Landlord Tenant Complaint Form

 To learn more about the Rental Ready Program contact Business & Landlord Licensing  in our Community Development Department at (816) 325-7079 or at


Rental Ready Inspection Companies

Please see the below list of inspection companies.  Rental Ready inspections must be completed by one of the City of Independence approved inspectors.

Landlord & Tenant Frequently Asked Questions

A landlord/tenant complaint is a complaint that is completed by either landlord or tenant against the other. A tenant would file typically due to rundown conditions of the building, broken appliances, plumbing, electrical issues, etc.

A landlord/tenant complaint is only for health and/or safety issues.  

An issue with landlord such as a personality conflict or financial issues (i.e., late on rent) would not be grounds for a valid landlord/tenant complaint.

A landlord/tenant complaint form must be completed, signed, and turned in to start a complaint. The complaint form can be obtained and turned in at City Hall in Independence, 111 E. Maple Ave. Along with the completed and signed complaint form a copy of a valid photo ID, proof of residency (i.e. utility bill) OR copy of lease.

Once a landlord/tenant complaint is deemed valid and proper documentation is received there is a process that takes place:

  1. Valid signed complaint received with valid documentation.
  2. Landlord/tenant complaint case is started
    • 10-day letter is sent to tenant, owner, and any property management company if applicable
  3. After 10 days have passed, if there is no contact from any party to advise that violations have been corrected the City will reach out to the tenant.
    • If violations have not been corrected per tenant an inspection of the property will be scheduled.
  4. If an inspection is scheduled with tenant and the landlord is made aware. If all violations are completed by time of inspection then case is closed.

If violations still remain at time of inspection further action is taken.

Please contact Business Licensing at (816) 325-7079.