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To oversee Classification and Pay plans which equitably compensate employees and enable the City to attract and retain highly qualified staff.

To train and develop employees to ensure they are equipped to meet the challenges and goals of the City of Independence.

To establish clear, unambiguous policies and procedures which will guide the Human Resources Department and City in complying with employment legislation and ensure fair and consistent application of employment standards.

To ensure the Human Resources Department staff is knowledgeable of legislation, rules and regulations affecting employment and labor relations, and capable of responding to their customer accurately, promptly and consistently.


The Human Resources Department will assist the City of Independence in meeting the needs of its citizens and achieving the strategic goals of City Council by recruiting, selecting, developing, motivating and retaining a well-trained, professional City staff, responsive to the customer/citizen.


The City's most valuable asset is its employees. The Department will create an environment for City employees which will foster mutual trust, stimulate personal and professional growth, enhance job satisfaction, encourage innovation, recognize contributions, increase productivity and maximize their value to the City.

The Department will become the hallmark of municipal government human resources departments in the metropolitan area.