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The City of Independence is the home of a robust and dedicated public safety system. Thanks to the leadership and commitment of the Police, Fire, Dispatch, and Emergency Management staff, our residents, business owners, and visitors are kept safe, informed, and educated. 

The Independence Police Department has 230 sworn officers protecting our community. With the recent approval of additional funding, there are ongoing recruitment, retention, and outreach efforts to maintain an engaged and committed group of officers across the City. 

The Independence Fire Department currently has 10 stations spread across our 78 square miles. With more than 180 firefighters, call times average less than 5 minutes. With the ongoing support of our citizens, a new fire station will be added in the coming years to keep up with our community’s growth and changes. 

Our 9-1-1 Dispatchers play a crucial role in the public safety system. As the first line of contact between our residents, police officers, and firefighters – these individuals play an invaluable role in the response and coordination of every event. Our dispatchers are here for our residents, visitors, and property owners. 

Finally, Emergency Management ensures that we are ready for any event. From the fun things like the annual SantaCaliGon Festival on Labor Day Weekend to the challenging weather events, and everything in between, this group helps keep our residents, volunteers, first responders, and staff informed, trained, and prepared. 

Public Safety is one of the most important services we provide as a City and these groups ensure that we are able to provide the high-quality response you expect. 

A fire truck with its lights on and hose running from it is parked near the scene of a fire at night.
A 9-1-1 dispatcher sits in front of a computer with multiple screens.
A police officer waves to the crowd from the top hatch of a Police response vehicle during the annual Halloween Parade.