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A young man fishing in the lake at George Owens park on a bright day

Looking for outdoor activities near Kansas City? Independence is close by and boasts so many scenic spots for you to explore. From nationally recognized golf courses and fishing near waterfalls to water parks, tennis courts, and trails and nature reserves, Independence has a wide variety of activities to keep you and your family moving!

Waterfall Park, near Bass Pro Shops and the Stoney Creek Inn, offers a picturesque walking and biking trail that passes a breathtaking waterfall. The kids will also enjoy the park, which features picnic tables, shelters, and playing fields, while the 18-acre lake provides top-notch fishing for the angler in your group.

The Little Blue Trace Trail is a cyclist’s dream, with 14 miles of scenic bike paths along the river through the Little Blue Trace Nature Reserve. It stretches south of Interstate 70 at Lee’s Summit Road to Blue Mills Road north of Independence. Deer, wild turkey, and geese are just some of the wildlife you may spot on this route. As you pedal past the railroad bridges and river crossings, you will also take in an abundance of trees and farmland.

Keep exploring below to start planning your outdoor adventure in Independence. Check out Independence Parks and Recreation for more detailed information on parks, trails, events, and activities just outside Kansas City.