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City Initiatives on the August 6th Ballot

Land Disturbance

Land Disturbance is any activity that changes the conditions of land form, or vegetation, creates bare soil, or

 otherwise may cause erosion or sedimentation. Activities include clearing, grubbing, removal of vegetation, stripping, excavating, filling, and storing materials.

A permit is required if more than 50 cubic yards of dirt will be moved or 1,000 square feet of ground is disturbed. The fee for the permit is dependent on the number of cubic yards to be moved.

Submit Permit applications to the Right-of-Way Inspection team at or 816-325-7617.

Commercial Grading Permit

Residential Grading Permit

Clearing and Grubbing Work

Permits may be required for clearing and grubbing work depending on the size and type of work being done.

Commercial Grading General Standards

Residential Grading General Standards

Properties located in a designated Floodplain

According to the NFIP, residential and commercial building located in the 100-year flood zone with mortgages and/or loans from federally-regulated or insured lenders are required to carry flood insurance. Flood insurance rates are determined by FEMA and your insurance agent.

Any type of work in the designated 100-year flood zone will require a Floodplain development permit prior to starting work.

To apply for a floodplain development permit, fill out the online form and email it to Brad Phelps at or (816) 325-7614.

Floodplain Permit

Septic Systems

Private Wastewater Disposal systems are installed in areas where no public sewers are available. New lots must be at least 3 acres for a septic system. A permit is required for all new systems and repairs to existing systems. Systems are inspected to ensure compliance with Missouri Department of Health rules.

To apply for a sewage permit, contact the Right-of-Way inspection team at or (816) 325-7617.

On-Site Sewage Disposal Permit

General On-site Sewage Disposal Standards