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Photo of water plant with tower

The City of Independence Water Division was established in 1883 to provide the citizens of Independence with safe, reliable drinking water. For more information about our history, see our history page.

The City of Independence Water Division supplies water to approximately 250,000 people, including residents of Independence and wholesale customers. Water is supplied from wells located at the Courtney Bend Water Treatment Plant. The well water is softened and disinfected at the treatment plant, and meets or exceeds all federal and state quality regulations.  For more information about see our water treatment process page.

Today, our mission is similar to the purpose our founding fathers had when they started providing public drinking water to Independence citizens in the 1880's:

To provide to the citizens of Independence and wholesale customers a plentiful supply of safe drinking water that exceeds all Federal and State regulations at a reasonable cost.

At the City of Independence Water Division, our product is more than water. Every aspect of contact with our customers is part of our product, including water treatment, distribution, and customer service.