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Streets FAQ's

Some streets within the city are private. They belong to the business or housing development and are not maintained by the City.

In addition, streets such as 23rd Street, which is actually Missouri Highway 78, are not maintained by the City. The Missouri State Highway Department (MoDOT) is responsible for all snow removal, traffic signals, potholes and right-of-way clean up on MoDOT designated roadways.

MoDOT Maintained and Treated Streets

Roadway Name

Street Limits

MO-291 Highway Entire Roadway
US-24 Highway Entire Roadway
MO-78/West 23rd Street/East 23rd Street Entire Roadway
Interstate 70 (I-70) Entire Roadway
Truman Road Starting at Spring Street to western City limits

A street cut occurs anytime the driving surface (pavement) has to be cut into and removed. This can be a large area such as the installation of a new water main under the street, or a small area such as a utility repair.


Street Cuts

A right-of-way permit must be obtained for all street cuts.


A street closure may be necessary for repairs to the pavement, utility work, commercial construction projects or a block party.


Street Closures

A Right-of-Way Permit is required for all street closures including those that only block a portion of the street.