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2023 Consumer Confidence Report

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We are pleased to present to you this year’s Annual Drinking Water Quality Report.  Our water comes from 44 wells that pump water from the Missouri River alluvial aquifer.  Today, the Courtney Bend Water Plant has the capability of supplying a maximum of 48 million gallons of water per day.  We supply water to approximately 250,000 people including residents of Independence and 12 wholesale customers.  

Our water consistently meets or exceeds all federal and State of Missouri drinking water regulations.  In 2023, our water was recognized as the best tasting water in the state of Missouri by the Missouri Section of the American Water Works Association. This qualified us to compete in the Best of the Best water tasting competition which was held at the international gathering of drinking water professionals in Toronto, Canada.

In addition to operating and maintaining the water treatment plant, we also maintain and manage 766 miles of water main (ranging in size from 2” to 36” in diameter), over 5,000 fire hydrants and handle customer service for over 50,000 electric, water and sewer utility customers.  One area of focus for this year has been our water main replacement program. This program utilizes a data driven approach to identify and prioritize water main replacement projects based on the likelihood of failure, consequence of failure and benefit of replacement.

 If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Lisa Reynolds, Municipal Services Director

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