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Bill Payment Options

You have multiple options when it comes to paying your utility bill, on the phone, on line or in person.

Call our automated phone payment number at:(816) 325-SERV

Mail your payment to 

City of Independence 

PO Box 219362

Kansas City, MO 64121-9362

Visit Utility Customer Service Center

17221 E 23rd St South

Independence, MO 

Office Hours: 8 am - 5 pm, Monday - Friday

Visit Independence City Hall

111 E Maple

Independence, MO 

Office Hours: 8 am - 5pm, Monday - Friday

Do you need assistance paying your utility bill?  See if you qualify for one of our payment programs.

How to read your electric meter

Would you like to know how to read your electric meter? It can help you keep track of your electricity usage and it's easy! Electric meters record the amount of electricity in kilowatt hours (kWh) being used in homes or businesses.

Each month the number on the meter is recorded by an IPL meter reader and compared to the previous month's reading. The difference between the two numbers tells IPL how much electricity has been used since the last reading, and how much to bill the customer.


Last month's reading was:


This month's reading is:


The amount of electricity used is:

517  kilowatt hours

There are digital meters and dial meters. Reading a digital meter is really easy, just read the numbers shown on the meter.

Reading a dial meter is similar to reading several clocks.

  • Standing in front of the meter, record the number for each dial from left to right.
  • The dials do not all turn in the same direction.
  • This dial meter reading is 49438.
Electric Meter

When Is Your Meter Read?

IPL makes every effort to read meters on a regular monthly schedule, made up of twenty cycles. All the locations in cycle one are read on a certain day. Next, all the locations in cycle two are read, and so on through the month.

IPL meter readers walk from house to house on their routes, reading both water and electric meters at each location. Gas meters are not read by IPL.

IPL meter readers are out in all sorts of weather, and they each walk several miles every day, reading meters. Occasionally, severe weather or an inaccessible meter keeps them from reading meters on schedule.

When a meter cannot be read as scheduled, IPL will use an "Estimated Read". Estimated reads are generated by a computer program which calculates the customer's average monthly electricity usage for the previous 12 months. IPL will reconcile the next on-site read to the previous month's estimated read.

Access To the Meter

In order to read the meter, we need access to the meter. There are a few things that keep meter readers from doing their job.

  • Decks and other structures built off of a house should not obstruct a reader's access to the meter. For safety reasons, meter readers will not crawl under decks or into small enclosed spaces to read meters.
  • Dogs
  • Locked fence gates

Homeowners should make every effort to allow meter readers safe access to meters. Call IPL's meter reading department at (816) 325-7540 if you have a question or concern about access to your meter.

Meter Read Card

If you have received a meter read card to provide your monthly meter read please complete the card and mail it back to IPL at 17221 E 23rs St., Independence MO 64057 or you can take a picture of meter and email it to

Utility Theft

The theft of utility services is a serious crime, and one that costs all utility customers money. The City of Independence has an aggressive program to stop the theft of electric and/or water service.

Tampering with electric service is very dangerous! Fires and explosions can occur, and people can be seriously injured or killed by coming in contact with exposed wiring.

If you suspect that someone is stealing electricity call IPL at (816) 325-7574 and report it!

  • When a hand is between two numbers record the lower number.
  • If you can't tell if the hand is directly on the number, you can check by looking at the next dial to the right. If that dial has not yet passed zero, record the lower number for the dial in question, on the left.

Owned & Operated by the City

The following utilities serve customers in the City of Independence and are owned and operated by the City.

The following utilities serve customers in the City of Independence, but are not owned or operated by the City.