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In Independence, residents are not just utility customers; they are also the owners of the utility. Through the elected City Council, residents have a say in the policies and the rates by which IPL operates.

Local control, competitive rates, and quick response to customer needs are some of the benefits of being served by a non-profit, municipal utility such as Independence Power & Light Department (commonly referenced as IPL).

At IPL Customer Service is a priority. We deliver low rates and quality customer service because we have:

Local Control — Community residents, through their locally elected officials, establish electric service policies and electric rates.
Local People — IPL employees live and work in the area. They understand the needs and goals of the community and respond quickly to serve customers and the community.
Local Ownership — Utility revenues stay in the community to meet local needs and keep rates low.

Image looking up at decommissioned Blue Valley Power Plant with blue skies and clouds.

More Than 650 Miles of Power Lines.

Independence Power & Light serves more than 55,000 customers within the City of Independence. With the exception of Lake City Arsenal, IPL serves the entire City of Independence.

Service Territory

IPL maintains and operates 9 generating units, 14 major substations and more than 650 miles of power lines. The utility is summer peaking.

Some of the electricity required to meet customer demand is generated by IPL with combustion turbine facilities and gas-fired steam units. Most of our electric needs, however, are met through energy purchases from outside sources.

Guide to Blue Valley

IPL History

In 2001 Independence Power & Light celebrated its 100 year anniversary of providing safe, reliable and low cost electric service to Independence.

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