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Wide view of Woodlawn Cemetery

Woodlawn Cemetery is a 56-acre burial ground operated by the City of Independence Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department. The City provides funeral and burial services, in addition to grounds maintenance.

Founded in 1837, Woodlawn Cemetery is the oldest cemetery in continuous use in Jackson County. Behind its long, stone wall and large, ornamental gates are stories of the Civil War, westward pioneers and the establishment of our community.

Making Arrangements

Woodlawn Cemetery offers memorial and cremation plots, as well as opening and closing services. If you have any questions, please call 816-325-7365 or visit us at the cemetery office between 8 am and 3 pm Monday-Friday.


Memorial Plots

  • Right of interment in ground spaces - $1,200
  • Right of interment cremation garden
    • $1,000 - Monday-Friday
    • $1,200 - Saturday
    • This service includes the following:
      • Opening and closing
      • Six chairs and covers, carpet and platform
      • One cremation in ground space
  • Double depth lawn crypt - $4,850
    • This service includes the following:
      • One space for two people
      • In ground two-person vault
      • A tent, chairs and a lowering device
      • Opening and closing (Monday-Friday)
  • Cremation niche - $2,200
    • This service includes the following:
      • Opening and closing (Monday-Friday)
      • Etching on face plate and a large vase in the vase garden

Opening and Closing

  • In ground services:
    • Monday-Friday - $1,000
    • Saturday - $1,200
  • Cremation and baby interments:
    • Monday-Friday - $500
    • Saturday - $600
Grave at Woodlawn Cemetery

Are you looking for the memorial of someone who was interred at Woodlawn Cemetery?

If you know the location of their plot, including the section, block and/or lot numbers, please refer to our cemetery map. Otherwise, we recommend searching for memorials on our Find a Grave website. Once you’ve identified the appropriate plot details, please refer back to the cemetery map to locate the memorial.