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The City of Independence Utilities offers the levelized payment plan to help customers budget their monthly utility bills. Each month, customers will be billed approximately the average of their last 12 months’ bill amount plus 10% of the excess or debit on the account. For additional information contact Customer Service at (816) 325-7930.


IPL notifies Critical Care Customers in advance when outages are scheduled for maintenance and repair of utility equipment. During unexpected outages, Critical Care customers can expect priority in power restoration, only after IPL has restored power to main lines and equipment.

To be eligible for the Critical Care program, customers must submit an application form, with a medical doctor's recommendation and signature, to IPL.  The program does not guarantee continuous service, but it does prioritize power restoration.  We recommend you have a back-up power source for your equipment in the event of a power outage.

Critical Care Form

Please print the form, fill out the upper portion of the form, and have your physician fill out and sign the bottom half of the form. Mail the form to:

Independence Power & Light

Critical Care Program
P.O. Box 1019
Independence, MO 64051-0519

IPL will notify you by mail if you qualify for the Critical Care program. Critical Care customers will receive a renewal application every two years, which must be completed and returned to IPL within 30 days of the expiration date.

To reduce the chance of disconnection of utility services the City of Independence gives you the opportunity to register a third party, such as a relative, friend, clergy member, or supportive social services agency, as a Caring Contact. This program is specifically for our customers that may be elderly, have a disability, long-term illnesses or mobility challenges. The person you select will be notified in the event of a pending disconnection or other crucial billing alert, so they can help you manage your utility account. The Caring Contact program is voluntary and can help you if you are hospitalized, away from home for extended periods of time, or homebound. 

The person(s) you select is not financially responsible for paying your utility bill and this program will not prevent shut off if the bill remains unpaid. They do not have the ability to make a payment arrangement for you, but we can help them understand the options available to prevent disconnection.

Please note that the Caring Contact program does NOT guarantee continuous electrical service or shield customers from disconnection for non-payment of utility bills.

How it Works:
  • You designate anyone you like- a relative, friend, clergy member, or social service agency to be your third party “Caring Contact.”
  • In the event we must notify you that service will be discontinued because of past-due bills, your Caring Contact will be notified by phone and email.
  • They can then bring the problem to your attention and perhaps offer aid or advice.
  • The contact person or agency is not financially responsible for the overdue bill, nor will this notification by itself prevent disconnection of service.
  • If you would like to take advantage of this program, simply fill out the application, sign, and mail it back to us. The return envelope is provided for your convenience.
    • Please let your designated Caring Contact know that you have named them.
  • The program will remain in effect for as long as we serve you or until we receive a request to discontinue it.
    • Please notify us of any changes or new choice of designated contact.
How to get started:

You can download a Caring Contact Program form here or request one be mailed to you by calling (816) 325-7930.

Caring Contact Application Form

Completed forms can be returned in the follow ways:

  • Mailed to: City of Independence Utilities, c/o Customer Service 17221 E. 23rd S. Independence, MO 64057
  • Dropped-off at any of the City’s overnight drop boxes: City Hall, 111 E. Maple Ave Independence Utilities Center, 17221 E. 23rd S.
  • Delivered to the Utilities Center in person.

In the event that a tenant has vacated a property, a revert-to-owner agreement will automatically revert utility service to the property owner.

Revert to Owner Contract

NOTE: This contract must be signed at the Independence Utilities Center or notarized.