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If you are looking for a setting that makes you feel like you’ve left the city, a rental of our lakeside Pavilion will do the trick.  Guests will enjoy the quiet beauty of the park’s lake area, provide easy access to hiking trails and all the natural areas of the park.  The pavilion accommodates up to 100 participants and all rentals extend over a five-hour time period.

All parking is located at the front of the park, near the lodge, so this site may not be ideal for groups where mobility is an issue. (The main parking area is approximately 1/5 of a mile from the pavilion) Two handicap parking spots are located 217 feet from the pavilion (over flat uneven ground).


Pavilion Amenities

  • Recycling and Trash: Bins are available in the Lodge lobby for aluminum and plastic recycling, please talk with staff if you are interested.  Pavilion trash containers must be emptied in the dumpster at the end of your rental. The dumpster is located at the northeast corner of the parking lot.
  • Restroom:  A single restroom, with a composting toilet, is located for easy access to the pavilion.
  • Grill: A large charcoal grill is located on the back of the pavilion. Fires are only allowed inside the grill.  No smoking is allowed in this area.
  • Picnic Tables:   11 eight-foot picnic tables are under the pavilion for your use.  Please keep them clean for the next group.
  • Amplified music, balloons, streamers, and glitter are not allowed. Tape is not allowed on any part of the pavilion.
  • Parking: Parking is located up at the main parking lot near the Lodge.  Vehicle access is limited to TWO vehicles on the service road and pavilion paved parking for loading and unloading only.  For the safety of all park visitors, shuttling of rental guests and equipment is not allowed.  Vehicles must stay on paved surfaces.  Rental guests must park their cars in the parking lot the entire time of stay.