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2024 Primary Election

Responsibility is to present a panel of three to the Mayor of residents of Independence (for at least four years) who are members of the Missouri bar who wish to be appointed as a Municipal Judge.

Membership Information

One Councilmember selected by the Council, who serves as Chairperson, two (2) registered qualified electors appointed by the City Manager (who are not members of the Bar), and two (2) members of the Independence Bar Association, elected by the Association. The appointments are for four year terms and there is a two term limit. Except for the Chairperson, members shall not hold any other public office or position.

Current Members:
  • Councilmember Brice Stewart (Chair), term expires April 15, 2026, appointed by City Council
  • Robert Buckley, term expires March 30, 2027, appointed by Missouri Bar Membership
  • Jeffrey Grubb, term expires March 30, 2024, appointed by the Missouri Bar Membership
  • Libet Ojeda, term expires August, 11, 2026, appointed by the City Manager
  • Michael A Rose, term expires August 11, 2024, appointed by the City Manager