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This advisory committee promotes spay and neuter programs for household pets; supports education programs that promote the welfare and safety of animals; hears complaints regarding abuse or cruelty to animals when, in the committee’s opinion, such complaints have not been satisfactorily addressed by any applicable enforcement or animal welfare agency; and investigates charges of unethical treatment of animals.

Membership Information

Formed by an amended intergovernmental agreement between Jackson County and the City of Independence related to the Regional Animal Shelter, the Committee is comprised of five members who serve two-year terms. The County Executive appoints two members and the Mayor appoints three members. The Committee selects the chair from among the Committee members.

Current members:

  • Linda Humphrey (Chair), term expires December 30, 2024, appointed by Mayor Weir
  • Cindy Marshall (Vice-Chair), term expires September 30, 2019, appointed by Jackson County
  • Miriam Keith, term expires December 30, 2023, appointed by Mayor Rowland
  • Francis Spearman, term expires September 30, 2019, appointed by Jackson County
  • Vacancy